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Post  Admin on Fri Oct 31, 2008 1:01 pm

This is from a Faq forum for heroes enjoy.

You can not search for a hero but you can use those number messages you keep seeing, heres how that works.

If you copy out the address of a players in-game page it includes an ID which is just thier MySpace ID with 22 on the front of it.



The numbers where the #'s are after "show_user_id%22%3A%22" is the players MySpace ID, include the 22 and it is the players Game ID.

To use a game ID thats sent to you, open any person page other than your own, then just replace the Game ID thats in the address line with the one your trying to get to.

So if you know the game ID you can make it into a MySpace ID, and if you know the MySpace ID you can make it into a Game ID.
if you need better info go here.

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Re: Numbers???

Post  sahls on Sat Dec 06, 2008 2:46 pm

Just because I am a computer geek, well, network engineer to be exact but......

Have you ever noticed how some people include two id numbers? One for firefox and one for IE. Well.....both browsers actually use the same ID. Lets take a look at this snippet of URL code from Internet Explorer......


In plain text this is actually.....


Directly below is how Firefox displays the same URL......


So next time somebody says here is the ID for IE or firefox, you know that it is actually the same ID. Some people just include the hexidecimal ASCII value for a quotation mark.



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